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ladies only massage

remedial massage

If you have any areas of concern then this is the massage for you. If you have pain or discomfort the remedial massage will soothe away those stiff and tight areas leaving you feeling relaxed so you can get on with your everyday life. More than one massage may be required depending on your condition. Regular massages will also ensure you stay healthy and avoid your problem returning.

relaxation massage

If you're feeling stressed or just need to unwind let the relaxation massage bring you to a place of bliss. Drift and let yourself float as this massage will put you in total relaxation. We all feel tension so enjoy this massage as it will leave you feeling totally peaceful.

just for fun massage

Towels are optional with the remedial or relaxation massages. This massage is a no underwear and towel free massage. Enjoy the long soothing strokes of this massage and be sure to ask about the extras which you can enjoy at the end or along the way. A massage that is custom made to your liking depending on how sensual or erotic you are feeling.

in and out calls